5 Fashion Habits That Age You and How to Avoid Them

We now more than ever, live in the “anti-aging” world. At every turn, every magazine and cosmetic counter touts the “miracle” to looking younger. It is possible that it is a bit easier than we think to shed a few years without changing who we are, maybe we can look our best by saying goodbye to a few old habits, and simply considering a few new ones.

1. Always Covering Your Arms.

This is a big one for me, I see it a lot and it is way more than skin deep, when we believe that we are aged, we tend to dress and act in a way that adds those unwanted years. I quite often hear people say, ” I’m too old for that”, or “I can’t show my arms anymore”. RUBBISH! By no means am I suggesting that we dress from the junior department, but I am telling you this, YES, you can show your arms! Honestly, they really are the last thing a person looks at and more fabric always equals more person. ( I will explain that later). So please, love those arms that you have! And free yourself from the words that kept so many beautiful women in hiding.

2. Wearing your clothes too big.

This is a very common issue with ladies. As time goes on, sometimes we feel that life, babies and years have “blessed’ us with a few extra pounds, and that’s okay. But what we tend to do is hide in clothing way too big in order to camouflage ourselves. What happens is that the 5 or 10 extra pounds we were trying to hide can end up looking like 20! Let us help you when trying on your clothes. We will check carefully to put you in the right size, and the most flattering fit. Don’t be afraid to try on one size down, we want you to look and feel your very best!

3. Not wearing accessories.

I have noticed over the years, that we get into habits even mantras sometimes, and we honestly have no idea why. In the past, when helping our guests get ready for vacations or events, we pick out the best outfits, in the perfect fit, and then I hear, “I don’t wear accessories”. I’m like “WHAT?”. The right balance of texture, metals, and layers can make or break any outfit. An updated necklace or earrings can take a basic look and make it more polished and current. The next time you try on a new blouse or dress, try on at least 2-3 different types of accessories and you will see how easy it is to update and brighten your style.

4. Wearing the same purse.

Nothing says old like a worn out handbag. Yes, I get it, we all have that one bag we’ve had forever, but every bag has its day and sometimes we have to let go. If your purse has too much in it, won’t close or is tattered or damaged, then its time to replace it. And please, consider any color but black. We all need a great black bag, however, we all REALLY need a great colored bag more. This is an item that we can have fun with. I have found that a brightly colored bag can be much more neutral and wearable than black or dark brown. Let your handbag make a statement and have fun with it.

5. Wearing dark lipstick.

I’ve have been oh so guilty of this, slathering on that dark red lipstick and thinking this will help me avoid putting on eyeshadow. As though I could get away with not doing makeup by overdoing lipstick. NOT, NOPE and NO. Dark lip color emphasizes lines and wrinkles, it tends to bleed, and look worn off faster. Try a lighter shade, something with a tint instead of a high impact color. This will make your lips look more hydrated and fresh. Plus, with a tint, you won’t need to reapply as often, and you will look great!

As for me, I’m going to put myself on check an make sure to take these little hints to heart myself. Remember, we LOVE you at Jane Doe and always want you to feel and look you’re very best.

xoxoxo, AnnMarie