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A Great Dress Leads To A Great Date!

Alecia Sanfilippo

Posted on January 30 2018

A Great Dress Leads To A Great Date!

When I first started to date my now husband (almost 7 years ago), I would buy a new dress for every date. Seems a little extra right? I know! For our first date I remember shopping for at least a week. I bought a dress that I thought was so cute and I tried it on for a group of friends, they loved the dress but told me I looked like a stay at home mom from the 50's... Obviously that was not the look I was going for on a first date with a man I really liked! I went out and bought another dress the next day and ended up with something a little more form fitting and sexy than the previous dress. My point in this story is just that

A great dress can truly lead to a great date! 

Looking our best can make us feel our best! When we feel our best we will exude confidence and any man loves a confident woman! Below I have listed a few of my favorite dresses available right now! I hope you ladies enjoy!

1. This fire-y red lace dress is one of my new favorites! The name "You're Mine" says it all! What man wouldn't want to see you in this sexy but still modest dress? 


(click the image to shop)


2. If you like to be a little less extra, this "Black Velvet" swing dress is perfect! Strap on some colorful stilettos and go!

(click the image to shop)


3.) This "All White Everything" sequin romper is not quite a dress but it will impress just like one! If you're headed out to a party or a special event you cannot go wrong with this beauty!

(click the image to shop)


4.) A great dress for just about any occasion. The "Hold Me Tight" dress can be dressed up with jewelry and heels or dressed down with a denim jacket! She is sure to be a show stopper either way!

(click the image to shop)


5.) For the perfect day to night look we have the "Spot Light Dress" She is perfectly professional in the front and would pair well with any sweater or suit jacket! When the work day is over take off the jacket and show off the sexy back!

(click the image to shop)


Let me know what you think of my picks! I hope you like at least 1 of them! You can click any image to shop them now on! Please follow us on IG or FB Have a great week and make sure to get your Valentine's Day look together soon!

Until next time.

With love,


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