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Support For PACE Center For Girls - Jacksonville

Alecia Sanfilippo

Posted on September 08 2016

Support For PACE Center For Girls - Jacksonville

PACE Center For Girls

For the month September we are partnering with PACE Center for Girls! We could not be more excited to be partnering with such a great organization!
Their MIssion: PACE provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.
Their Philosophy: PACE values all girls and young women, believing each one deserves an opportunity to find her voice, achieve her potential and celebrate a life defined by responsibility, dignity, serenity and grace.
Our favorite value that Pace has is :
We value and promote the female perspective by respecting its distinct needs, creating safe and gender-responsive environments, and celebrating the female experience.
How many girls served annually? Approximately 182
What is the average age? 15
 Why do girls attend PACE Jacksonville? Girls attend PACE to get appropriate counseling and education in a nurturing environment. To become enrolled, they must be between 12 to 17 years old, at least one year behind in school, and have 4 or more risk factors.
 Think about these statistics…
65% of our girls were failing one or more classes prior to coming to PACE
37% of our girls had a prior arrest before coming to PACE
29% of our girls used drugs and alcohol prior coming to PACE
 What kind of success do girls have after leaving PACE?
93% had no involvement with Juvenile Justice within a year of leaving PACE!
91% were in school or employed three years after leaving PACE!
86% improved their academic performance!
 Thank you for joining us on our mission to help women in any way that we can! Please click here to see more info or to donate directly to Pace!

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