Shop Local, Give Local!

Imagine a cute little shop where you can find the most unique and fun clothing and gifts that give back to people around the world that are in need! That shop is Jane Doe and you can find us in the heart of Five Points in Jacksonville, FL! We love shopping! But something we love even more is giving and helping people around the world who are in need! We have found some great companies that love that as much as we do! In our shop, you can find candles and eyewear (just to name a few) that give back to people in need.

Our most popular candle has the most amazing scent! If you’ve ever been in our store you know the scent well because we burn the candle 24/7! Not only do these candles smell amazing and delight just about everyone, but they also give 3 meals to hungry kids around the world for every single candle that is sold! How awesome is that? This is one of my favorite items to gift to people. I find it so satisfying to give a gift that #1 the person is going to love but also to let that person know that by them receiving this gift they gave 3 meals to a hungry child. To date, these candles given over 7 million meals!! Wow!

Another one of our charity items is the Blue Planet Eyewear. We have the cutest readers in town! These glasses are also eco-friendly! But these readers are more than just a cute accessory. For every pair of glasses sold, Blue Planet gives a pair of glasses to a person in need! Can you imagine being able to see clearly for the first time in a long time or first time ever? What a gift!


We are so thankful to be able to have these kinds of items available to everyone and to be able to help so many people in need at the same time! We hope that you can come in and experience these items soon! Until next time,

with love,